tom ★ ISFP-T ★ bri'ish innit ★ artist

he / she / they ★ bi-gender (masc) ★ androsexual / gay

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About Me

Hi! My name's Tom, and I'm a Digital Artist from the UK.

My hobbies consist of Games (FFXIV, Project DIVA/Sekai etc.), Art, Sleeping and Procrastinating.I have 3 UTAUs, them being Hikuine Kiiro, Oguma Kazuya and Shohei Miyuki. You can find them in the UTAU page.I sometimes do commissions, so if you might want one, please first look at the commission page before DM'ing me on Twitter / Tumblr!I post my art on multiple social medias you'll find on the main page.


Hikuine Kiiro


Oguma Kazuya


Shohei Miyuki


Do Not Interact / Follow

Please don't interact with me if you identify with any of these. I will block you when I find out.If you've been blocked, these might be the reasons why! <3These are in no particular order.

- Pro-Shippers- Transphobic, Homophobic, Racist, etc.- Pedophiles, "MAPs"- Alt-Right, Fascist, Trump Cultist, etc.- Cop bootlickers- TERFs- Fiction =/= Reality- RP Accounts- Associates self with NFT's / Bitcoin Mining---I used to prohibit NSFW accounts from interacting with my twitter but honestly I just gave up chasing down people to get them to delete their tweet ;_; It makes me feel mirserable as some people have reacted strongly.If you're scrolling through replies and if you're a minor, please bear in mind that there is a chance in seeing 18+ accounts. Please don't click onto these accounts and don't hold me accountable for this.


These are ordered by date created. Use CTRL+F to find a specific UST if the list gets too long.

Interests / Fandoms

These are things I love and games I'm into in no particular order. Feel free to talk to me about these!

- Vocaloid / UTAU / Vocal Synth- Project DIVA / SEKAI- Final Fantasy
I play FFXIV! Kiiro Hikuine, Twintania
- Furry, I guess(?- Villainous / Villanos- LOONA / Orbit
Fuck you BlockBerry
- NewJeans / Bunny- HEIZE- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- Fire Emblem- Apex Legends- Overwatch- Danganronpa- Shin Megami Tensei / Persona- ENA- Touhou- 'No Naku Koro Ni' Series
ESPECIALLY Higurashi, hell yeah
- Pokemon- Undertale / Deltarune


insert tos here lmaoi sure as hell dont agree to my work being used for AI data or for the blockchain thats for sure


Please inquire through Twitter or Tumblr DMs.